Health Inequality

Our research into the inequalities in health and health outcomes spans a range of areas.


Our research into the inequalities in health and health outcomes spans:

  • Inequality of disease prevalence, uptake of intervention, and adherence to intervention
  • Inequality of intervention effectiveness
  • Methodological research in measuring and evaluating inequality
  • Modelling the impact of interventions on health inequality using microsimulation models  with heterogeneous populations
  • Evaluating interventions to reduce health inequalities


Impact of Medicare Part D on income-related inequality in drug expenditure

Income inequality in how children use health services

Review of how equity considerations are captured within cost-effectiveness analysis

Selected Publications

A. Boujaoud MA, Mirelman AJ, DALZIEL K, CARVALHO N. Accounting for equity considerations in cost-effectiveness analysis: a systematic review of rotavirus vaccine in low- and middle-income countries. Cost-effectiveness and Resource Allocation 2018; 16:18.

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