Out of hospital care for single-ventricle children

Surgery is the cornerstone of treatment for single-ventricle congenital heart disease, but a package of care, including the critical role of primary care and out-of-hospital specialist physician visits and appropriate medication, is required for ongoing best practice. Led by the Health Economics Unit members Dr Li Huang and A/Prof Kim Dalziel, this study quantified for the first time the current state of out-of-hospital health care use across childhood for Fontan survivors using data from Australia. The optimal package of care is yet unknown, however an overarching understanding of the patterns of out-of-hospital care is a critical step forward as we struggle with what the future medical needs really look like for the single-ventricle population.

Further details and access to the article can be found here https://doi.org/10.1016/j.athoracsur.2020.01.030