New book - Methods for analysing and reporting EQ-5D data

New book – Devlin N, Parkin D, Janssen B. (2020) Methods for Analysing and Reporting EQ-5D data. Springer.  Expected date of publication: July 2020.

The EQ-5D is one of the most widely used Patient Reported Outcomes questionnaires world-wide – yet to date there has been no guidance available to users on how to analyse the data that it produces. This Open Access book provides practical, clear and comprehensive guidance on analysing EQ-5D data. In five concise chapters, the book describes how the questionnaire data – the EQ-5D profile and EQ VAS – can be analysed in various ways to generate important insights into peoples’ health. We also show how the value sets which accompany EQ-5D instruments can be applied to summarise patients’ data. The final chapter deals with advanced topics in the analysis of EQ-5D data, including the use of Minimally Important Differences, case-mix adjustment, mapping, and more. This book will provide an essential guide for those new to analysing EQ-5D data and will be also be valuable for those with more experience. The methods can be applied to any EQ-5D instrument (for example, the three- and five-level and Youth versions) and many of the methods described will be equally relevant to other Patient Reported Outcomes instruments.