HEU welcomes Dr Cate Bailey

Dr Cate Bailey is a Research Fellow recently joined the Health Economic Unit, Centre for Health Policy, working on an MRFF project QUOKKA to strengthen tools and evidence on health outcomes in paediatric populations for use in decision making.

Cate is concurrently completing a second PhD in Health Economics on the topic of improving intergenerational outcomes through interventions in health and social care. Cate’s current research focus is on health economics and children’s outcomes, especially in the social care sector, and the economic implications of intervening to improve maternal and infant health. Recent and ongoing projects include the use of health economic methodologies in evaluating social care interventions, investigating the role of the workplace in preconception health, economic implications of lifestyle interventions during pregnancy, and an evaluation of high-quality early-education on improving academic outcomes for children experiencing social disadvantage.

Cate has a background in statistics (Masters in Applied Statistics, Swinburne University, 2003), and specialises in the analysis of large, longitudinal datasets. Her PhD in Forensic Psychology (Deakin University, 2016) evaluated a community-based intervention to address child sexual abuse in remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia. Her work history includes research positions at Monash, Deakin, Swinburne, and Melbourne universities, and in federal and state government, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Victorian Department of Education.