Dr Jemimah Ride visited the Centre for Health Economics in York

In January-February, HEU team member Dr Jemimah Ride paid a visit to the Centre for Health Economics in York, UK. During her visit, Jemimah worked with Professor Rowena Jacobs and colleagues on a project examining the impact of primary care quality on intersectoral health care costs for people with serious mental illness. This is part of a larger study which has examined the impact of care plans, annual reviews of physical health, continuity of care, and antipsychotic polypharmacy on hospital admissions and emergency department attendances for people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other serious mental illnesses. Jemimah also worked with Professor Jacobs and Associate Professor Claire de Oliveira on a project exploring the implications of using different measures of unmet need for mental health care in children to monitor inequalities in care.