Successful Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge Meeting Promotes Model Development


The Abbey of Saint Gall.

The historic town of St. Gallen in Switzerland was recently host to the Mt Hood Diabetes Challenge, the only conference devoted to diabetes health economic simulation modelling.

Modelling groups from Europe, North America and Australia attended the conference. The University of Melbourne was well represented with Prof. Philip Clarke, XinYang Hua and Josh Knight from the Health Economics Unit presenting results and plans for future work.

The ‘challenge’ aspect of this meeting involved eight teams working to replicate the results of two previously published papers as well as estimating how risk factors such as blood pressure impact on the life expectancy of people with diabetes.The attempt to replicate the journal results highlighted the need for standardised output and minimum data set to allow replicability of previously published data in current models.

A future meeting is planned for Germany in September 2018. More details of this conference is available online.