Introducing the PRIMCAT Consumer Panel

The PRIMCAT Consumer Panel (L-R): Ms Sophy Athan (Chair), Mr David Attwood, Mrs Carolyn Rowan, Ms Catherine Bressanutti, Mrs Wendy Benson, Mr Paul Baden and Mr George Jiang.

The PRIMCAT research program (MRFF 1199701) is delighted to announce the appointment of our PRIMCAT Consumer Panel, chaired by Ms Sophy Athan with members: Mr David Attwood, Mr Paul Baden, Mrs Wendy Benson, Ms Catherine Bressanutti,  Mr George Jiang and Mrs Carolyn Rowan.

The Panel bring a broad range of experience and expertise and will provide advice and feedback to PRIMCAT research team on specific areas of research bringing the consumer perspective to the program over the next two years.

The panel convened for its inaugural meeting in July 2021 participating in a workshop led by Dr Jennifer Soon, to provide the consumer perspective on the weighting of criteria for assessing new cancer treatments as part of a Horizon Scanning initiative.

Thank you to our Panel for giving their time and expertise to the PRIMCAT research program. We are looking forward to a rich and valuable experience over the course of the program.