Vincent Witmond

Research Assistant

Vincent joined the Cancer Health Service Research team in May 2019 as a graduation student Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM), from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Vincent holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Medicine and is now following the Health Care Technology & Management track within the IEM master program. He has completed studies in health care decision-making processes, simulation studies, statistical learning, and advanced health economic modelling. The research that he is conducting at the CHSR is his thesis assignment for his Masters degree.

At CHSR, Vincent is focused on a retrospective study about bypassing and stenting for the treatment of jaundice in pancreatic cancer patients, using real-world data. He attempts to determine the patient’s care pathways based on patient’s clinical characteristic and health policies. Vincent attempts thereafter to clarify how jaundice-presenting pancreatic patients are allocated for bypassing or stenting, and whether the patient’s clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness could be further improved in decision-making process.

In his spare time, Vincent likes to run, especially long distance running with a focus on distances of 10 km – 21 km. He enjoys watching movies and reading books. Vincent has a keen interest in politics in the Netherlands and is, despite the distance, still keeping a eye on the politics and the latest news there.