Piers Gillett

Research Fellow

Piers Gillett

Piers re-joined the Cancer Health Service Research (CHSR) unit as a Research Fellow in November of 2021, having previously worked with the team in 2019-2020.

Piers is involved in a range of projects across the team. This includes investigating the provision and access to radiotherapy for rural and regional patients, as well as establishing the utilisation rates of different molecular diagnostics across Victoria.

Prior to joining the team, Piers completed studies in genetics, with a focus on the genetics of autism spectrum disorders at the University of Melbourne (BSc – Genetics and Neuroscience and MSc – Genetics). After a brief sojourn working within the Australian biotechnology industry, Piers returned to the University of Melbourne to complete a Master of Biostatistics.

Upon completion of his Master of Biostatistics Piers joined CHSR for the first time, conducting research looking to identify key metrics that can be used to measure the value of clinical trials to help guide the management of the trial portfolio at the VCCC. He then took up a role with the National Skills Commission looking to measure the outcomes of students completing vocational education and training within Australia. A particular focus was identifying courses that led to good outcomes for priority and disadvantaged groups.

In his spare time Piers enjoys reading sci-fi, plays baseball for the University of Melbourne Baseball Club during the winter months and enjoys mountain biking during the warmer months.

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