Piers Gillett

Research Fellow

Piers Gillett

Piers joined the Cancer Health Service Research unit as a Research Fellow in July of 2019.

Prior to joining the team, Piers completed studies in genetics, with a focus on the genetics of autism spectrum disorders at the University of Melbourne (BSc – Genetics and Neuroscience and MSc – Genetics). He spent time working within the Australian biotechnology industry before returning to the University of Melbourne to complete a Master of Biostatistics. The Master of Biostatistics culminated in a research project at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute investigating gene-environment interactions in juvenile type 1 diabetes.

Piers’ research is looking to identify key metrics that can be used to measure the value of clinical trials undertaken at the VCCC. These metrics will be developed alongside methods such as Value-of-Information and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis. They are being developed to help guide the management of the trial portfolio at the VCCC. The ambition of the project is to improve clinical trial design and selection of trials to be undertaken at the VCCC.

In his spare time Piers enjoys staying active and plays baseball for the University of Melbourne Baseball Club during the winter months while throughout the rest of the year he spends his spare time mountain biking and hiking.

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