Fan He

Research Fellow

Fan joined the Cancer Health Service Research (CHSR) unit as a Research Fellow in Data Science in July 2023.

Fan is conducting data analyses for the risk prediction and modelling of immune-related adverse events supported by Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and led by Bishma Jayathilaka. Fan is currently working on two major linked datasets, namely Cancer2015  and PRIMCAT cohort . The project he is involved in has the potential to inform treatment decision making for the use of checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy in cancer care.

Prior to working for this project in CHSR, Fan actively participated in numerous research projects across different research institutions in Australia, including clinical outcomes of stroke patients in regional Australia, investigation of the association between poly genetic risk score and developmental outcomes (hearing and language) among Australian children, and gestational diabetes management in a major regional centre. He has been an invited speaker for domestic and international academic conferences.

Fan has a wealth of experience in various aspects of research, including clinical study design and project management. His unique expertise lies in the field of data management, linkage, analysis, and visualization. He has significant experiences in cleaning and analysing linked electronic medical records data. Fan is proficient in using R programming language and Stata statistical software for both basic data analyses and advanced data modelling. Fan is currently in the final stage of his part-time PhD program at La Trobe Rural Health School.

Fan enjoys swimming, photographing, and writing poems in his spare time.