Sven Relijveld

Research Assistant

Sven joined the Cancer Health Services Research (CHSR) group for his graduation project of his Master Industrial Engineering & Management in July 2020. Due to the Covid19 related travel-restrictions, he conducts his research from the Netherlands.

Sven holds a Bachelors in Technical Medicine and is currently in the Healthcare Technology & Management programme, both from the University of Twente, the Netherlands. In his Master programme, he pursues a double specialisation in Healthcare Technology and (Medical) Logistics Engineering, with core subjects in Operations Management, Discrete Event Simulation and Data analytics. Sven also completed a research project on the topic of Process Mining, a field of data analytics where process models are algorithmically derived from low-level data.

In his research project at CHSR, Sven will look to apply process mining techniques to map out care pathways of Melanoma patients receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, that experience immune-related adverse effects from this treatment. He then will analyse the costs associated with the clinical management of these adverse effects. For this research, he will link various real-world datasets from the Canadian ICES registry to map out the entire pathway.

Sven is an enthusiast of hip-hop music, spoken word poetry and watching stand-up comedy. In his spare time, he loves binge-watching Netflix, binge-reading non-fiction books and binge-eating potato chips. He also loves cats and has an unexplained fear of being inside clothing stores.