Dr Fanny Franchini

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Fanny Franchini joined the CHSR Group as a Research Fellow in April 2019.

Fanny obtained her PhD in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oxford in 2017. During her studies and her postdoc, she focused on the tumour micro-environment and immune regulatory networks in colorectal cancer and metastatic disease. Fanny then joined Health Data Insight in 2018 as a data science intern, where she worked on a project concerned with analysing large sets of prescription history data with the aim of inferring symptoms and co-morbidities in cancer patients.

Inspired by that experience, Fanny is dedicated to bring together her passion for cancer research and data science in a way that has a direct impact on public health, with the aim to improve prevention and precision medicine for patients. Aside from her research, Fanny cares deeply about public engagement and has been closely involved with public outreach programmes aimed to raise interest in cancer research, engaging with patients and fundraisers.

Other (semi-)relevant hobbies for Fanny includes: observing monotremes in the wild, koala spotting, perfecting her wombat impression, making friends with flying foxes by saying 'I'm Batman', jumping with kangaroos, smiling to make quokkas proud, marching with penguins and making sure possums and people coexist peacefully.

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