CHP PHD Confirmation Seminar - Patrick Abraham

CHP PHD Confirmation Seminar - Patrick Abraham

Using economic evidence to optimise novel interventions for malaria control policies

Thursday 13th April 1.30pm, Seminar Room 410, 207 Bouverie Street, and online

Supervisors: A.Prof Natalie Carvalho, Dr Angela Devine, Prof Ric Price, and Prof Julie Simpson

Malaria continues to exert high health burden in endemic settings, with an estimated 241 million clinical cases and 627,000 deaths in 2021. However, financial investment in malaria control and elimination programs continue to fall short. With ambitious elimination targets set for 2030, resource constrained settings are facing increasing pressure to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria adequately. There is an urgent need to identify the most efficient strategies to ensure the greatest health gain from allocation of funding and resources. This body of research aims to evaluate novel malaria control interventions conducted in clinical trials and implementation studies, from an economic perspective, to enable policy makers to allocate resources more efficiently.

Mr Patrick Abraham is a PhD student and Research Assistant within the Health Economics Unit, Centre for Health Policy. His field of research involves economic evaluations and cost-effectiveness analysis in low- and middle-income settings, particularly of infectious diseases. He specialises in health cost and expenditure data analysis, while also assisting in developing decision-analytic models for cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses. Patrick has a Bachelor of Science (2016) and Master of Public Health (2019) both studied at the University of Melbourne.

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