Child Health

Our Unit works with clinicians and other researchers on a broad range of child health themes.


The Health Economics Unit works with the clinicians and researchers on a broad range of child health themes. Some of the current collaborations take place with the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the Royal Women’s Hospital (Cardiology Department, the Department of Neurology, Centre for Community Child Health, Emergency Department, Health Services Research Unit and Neonatal Services) and involve the studies of the healthcare needs of children born with single ventricle, the cost-effectiveness of decision rules for head injuries, infant health, patterns of contact with emergency department, and how Australian children use health services in general. Other international collaborations involve the studies of the impact of US Medicaid expansion on child healthcare utilization with researchers from the University of Michigan.


Spillover impact of US Medicaid expansion on children’s health service utilization

Optimising Early Respiratory Support for Preterm Infants: The HIPSTER Trial

Incorporating budget impact within cost-effectiveness analysis

VITALITY trial: the role of postnatal vitamin D supplementation in infant immune health

Fontan children: healthcare needs for children with single ventricles

Healthcare services utilization for Australian children: how children use health services and the associated costs

APHIRST study: the cost effectiveness of decision rules for head injuries in children

Income inequality in how children use health services

Economic evaluation of surfactant treatment for newborns with respiratory distress syndrome in Fiji

Selected Publications

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Giving an Adult Life after Fontan Surgery to Those with the Most Severe Congenital Heart Conditions (Partnership Projects)