Health Outcome Measurement & Valuation

Area leads:

Prof Kim Dalziel, Dr Tessa Peasgood, Prof Nancy Devlin

The Health Economics Unit (HEU) leads a program of research in measurement and use of health outcomes in making decisions about budget allocations and priority setting. Our work includes the development of methods for the measurement and valuation of benefits used in Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Professor Nancy Devlin is a leading international expert focused on measuring and valuing health related quality of life; in particular, the challenges of valuing children’s health to improve evidence on effectiveness and cost effectiveness of children’s health care. The HEU have many projects that seek to improve how we measure and value health related quality of life (HRQoL) including a special emphasis on children. The HEU’s flagship project is the QUOKKA RESEARCH PROGRAM- QUality OF Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia comprising 6 research projects and collaborations across 5 Australian universities and with international experts.


Our research on outcome measurement and valuation spans:

  • Assessing acceptability, feasibility and validity of HRQoL in different populations using psychometric methods, including a focus on children (QUOKKA Project 1)
  • Use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in clinical settings (Renee Jones PhD)
  • Development and adaptation of preference-based health-related quality of life (HRQoL) measures, including adaptation of the EQ-5D-Y for children aged 2-4 years
  • Conducting valuation studies and advancing valuation methodology, including the derivation of utility values
  • Use of HRQoL information to generate Quality Adjusted life Years (QALYs) as part of economic evaluations and estimation of cost-effectiveness to inform priority setting decisions
  • Exploring the social value of a QALY
  • Comparing child and adult QALYs (QUOKKA Project 6)
  • Understanding complex relationships between health care treatments, health status, and quality of life and wellbeing
  • The role of health and wellbeing outcomes, including utilities, in Health Technology Appraisal (HTA) and in evaluations across the public sector (including social care and aged care).
  • Mapping between HRQoL instruments
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of utility values


QUOKKA QUality OF Life in Kids: Key evidence to strengthen decisions in Australia

EQ-HWB Collaborations to develop, value and test the new EuroQol instrument; EQ-HWB (Health and Wellbeing)

Randomised equivalence study to compare online interviews versus face-to-face interviews to value the EQ-5D-5L using Time Trade Off: Australian arm (HEU News)

Systematic Review of the Effect of a 1-Day versus 7-Day recall duration on patient reported outcome measures and HRQoL

HRQoL and genomics including impacts on carers

Development and Validation of a Preference-Based Index for the PedsQL (PedsUtil). PhRMA Foundation Value Assessment Research Awards, US

EuroQoL:  Testing EQ-5D-Y for use in children aged 2-5 years  (HEU News)

EuroQoL: Conceptual and empirical challenges for Using EQ-5D-Y values in economic evaluation (HEU News)

EuroQoL: Exploring the use of EQ-5D-3L in measuring population health in China (HEU News)

EuroQoL: Supporting the use of EQ-5D instruments in China

EuroQol: An Australian Value Set for the EQ-5D-Y

Related research staff:

Dr Tianxin Pan, Dr Xinyang Hua, Dr Cate Bailey, A/Prof Ilias Goranitis



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