Professor Nancy Devlin EuroQol grant success for a new book - Value sets for EQ-5D-5L: A compendium, comparative review & user guide

Professor Nancy Devlin, together with colleagues Dr Bram Roudijk (Netherlands) and Dr Kristina Ludwig (Germany), has been awarded funding by the EuroQol Group to produce a new book, "Value sets for EQ-5D-5L: A compendium, comparative review & user guide".

This book will summarise the substantial programme of work internationally to produce value sets to accompany the EQ-5D-5L. The book is aimed at the users of these value sets, and will include an overview and summary of the value sets in more than 25 countries, as well as providing background information on the research methods and study designs used to produce the value sets, and guidance to users on selecting which value set to use. The book will also contain comparative analyses of the properties of the value sets, and a discussion of future directions for valuation. Work on the book is now well underway, and it will be published by Springer in 2021.