Health Economics Unit welcomes new Director

The Health Economics Unit was excited to welcome our new Director, Professor Nancy Devlin, on Monday 21st of January. Previously, Nancy has worked in the London's Office of Health Economics (OHE) as its Director of Research for 10 years, during which time she has led the development of OHE’s research programs, the growth and diversification of OHE’s research funding, and the development of OHE’s research team.  Prior to joining OHE in 2009, Nancy was Professor of Economics at City University of London, where she was Head of the Economics Department and Acting Dean of Social Sciences.

Nancy's principal areas of research expertise are the measurement and valuation of patient reported health outcomes, in particular, a leadership role in the EuroQol group in the development of the EQ-5D; the cost effectiveness thresholds used in making judgments about value for money in health care; priority setting in health care; production, performance and efficiency of hospitals; and the use of multi-criteria decision analysis in health care decision making.