Justice Health Unit hosts COVID-19 and Detention Webinar 5: Australasian issues

The Justice Health Unit hosted the fifth webinar in the six webinar series on Building a sustainable, comprehensive response to COVID-19 in relation to detention, which focused on immigration detention.

The webinar, held on 4 February 2021, was co-facilitated by Prof Stuart Kinner and Dr Lucas Calais Ferreira of the Justice Health Unit.

Webinar 5: Australasian issues

(Recorded on 4 February 2021)

Presentations and links

The panellists presented in the order listed below. Links to the their Powerpoint presentations, where used, are provided.

  1. Larissa Strong, Acting Commissioner, Corrections Victoria. Her Powerpoint presentation is available here.
  2. John Hancock, Chief Legal Adviser, New Zealand Human Rights Commission. His Powerpoint presentation, including weblinks, is available here.
  3. Dr Erik Monasterio, Consultant in forensic psychiatry; Clinical Director and Director of Area Mental Health Services, Canterbury Regional Forensic Service; Senior clinical lecturer, University of Otago, Christchurch School of Medicine.  See recording for verbal presentation.
  4. Roxanne Moore, Noongar woman and human rights lawyer; Executive Officer, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS). Her Powerpoint presentation is available here.
  5. Dr Mindy Sotiri, Executive Director, Justice Reform Initiative. (JRI). See recording for verbal presentation.

All webinar recordings in the COVID-19 and detention Justice Health Unit webinar series are available here.

The final webinar topic, to be held on a date to be advised, is:

  • International responses – next steps for policy, advocacy, funding and research

Details will be advertised progressively. To receive notification of the date, time and registration link for the final webinar, email JHU-Webinar@unimelb.edu.au

For more information, contact Clare Chiminello.