Justice Health Unit hosts COVID-19 and Detention Webinar 2: Decarceration

The Justice Health Unit hosted the second international webinar in the six webinar series on Building a sustainable, comprehensive response to COVID-19 in relation to detention, which focussed on the important issue of decarceration.

The webinar, held on 20 August 2020, was co-facilitated by Prof Stuart Kinner and Claire Keen of the Justice Health Unit.

Webinar 2: Decarceration

(Recorded on 20 August 2020)


For those panellists who used Powerpoint, their Powerpoint presentations are available at the links below:

  • Presentation 1: Prof Lorana Bartels, ANU (see video for verbal presentation)
  • Presentation 2: A/Prof Lisa Puglisi, Yale University
  • Presentation 3: Sgt Rashad Ibn Mumuni, Ghana Prison Service
  • Presentation 4: Dr Paul Simpson, UNSW

A link to the YouTube playlist COVID-19 and detention (Justice Health Unit Webinar series) is available here.

Future webinar topics, to be held monthly from September to December 2020, are:

  • Rights and accountability
  • Immigration detention and COVID-19
  • Australasian issues
  • International responses – next steps for policy, advocacy, funding and research

Details will be advertised progressively. To receive notification of the date, time and registration link for upcoming webinars, email JHU-Webinar@unimelb.edu.au

For more information, contact Clare Chiminello.