Grant success for Prof Stuart Kinner, Dr Jocelyn Jones and Justice Health Unit researchers

Prof Stuart Kinner, Justice Health Unit Head, and Professor of Health Equity in Curtin University's School of Population Health, co-led a successful grant proposal, recently submitted through Curtin University, titled Treating co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness among Indigenous people released from prison will increase life expectancy, reduce incarceration, and contribute to Closing the Gap.

Dr Jocelyn Jones, Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader Aboriginal Research at Curtin University, is co-principal researcher along with Prof Kinner, and is nominal lead for this project. Louise Southalan, and Dr Jesse Young, both researchers with the Justice Health Unit, are also members of the research team.

Other members of the research team are Prof David Preen from the University of Western Australia and A/Prof Ed Heffernan, Director of the Queensland Forensic Mental Health Service.

This grant is funded by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) Indigenous Justice Research Program from 2022 to 2024. All funding recipients under this program are listed here.

Congratulations to Stuart, Louise and Jesse!

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