Funding success for the Justice Health Unit in the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Theme Funding Round 2019


The Justice Health Unit was awarded almost $46,000 in the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) Population Health Theme Funding 2019 for two projects on the health of young people.

Led by Prof Stuart Kinner, a project to support a collaboration with researchers from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BC-CDC) received almost $27,000 in funding. The funds will be used to support targeted analysis of globally unique, multi-sectoral linked data in BC, to identify modifiable risk factors for fatal and nonfatal overdose in young people. The research team includes Prof Stuart Kinner, Dr Jesse Young and Ms Claire Keen from the Justice Health Unit; and Dr Amanda Slaunwhite and Ms Chloé Xavier from the BC-CDC.

The Unit was also awarded $19,000 in funding for a project to conduct the first global study on age and sex differences in deaths among people released from prison, led by Ms Melissa Willoughby. This work will use data from the Mortality After Release from Incarceration Consortium (MARIC) study, led by Dr Rohan Borschmann, to accurately identify sex and age differences simultaneously in risk of death, and compare the specific causes and timing of deaths after release from incarceration. Along Ms Willoughby and Dr Borschmann, the research team includes Ms Emilia Janca, Prof Stuart Kinner, Dr Jesse Young, Ms Claire Keen and Mr Alex Love from the Justice Health Unit.