Afaf Humam presents MPhil confirmation seminar

Afaf Humam presented her MPhil Confirmation Seminar on 19 September 2022 on age-specific patterns of mortality among young people exposed to the youth justice system.

Afaf’s supervisors are Prof Stuart Kinner, Head, Justice Health Unit (JHU), Dr Lucas Calais Ferreira, and Ms Lindsay Pearce.

Afaf’s project is an investigation of age-specific trends in mortality of youth, comparing those that have had their first contact with the youth justice system below the age of 14 with those aged 14 and older in Queensland, Australia.

Using linked data from youth justice and mortality records, this project will contribute to ongoing research aiming to improve health outcomes of justice-involved young people, with a focus on raising the age of criminal responsibility.

Congratulations Afaf on a fantastic presentation!