National Survey on Indigenous-controlled Research Organisations 2019

Project Details

This project was undertaken by the Indigenous Data Network (IDN), based at the Indigenous Studies Unit, Melbourne School of Population & Global Health, University of Melbourne. The project comprised a nationwide survey of leading Indigenous controlled research organisations within the land council and native title sector, including both Aboriginal land councils (ALCs) and native title service providers (NTSPs). The objective of the survey was two-fold: a) to ascertain data collection, storage, and distribution practices among these organisations, and; b) to establish what potential administrative and technical transformations would be necessary in order to link together multiple small-scale population models maintained by these organisations into an integrated population model for each organisation in the first instance, and into a national population model in the second instance.

The survey was conducted via structured interviews with a combination of executive, management, operations, research, and information systems staff from each organisation. Wide variation in the size, funding, qualifications, and other resources available to each participating organisation made pro forma survey questionnaires impractical. Outputs of the survey include detailed accounts of research information and data management practices in each organisation, together with a preliminary meta-register of Indigenous population information and data assets maintained by participating organisations.


Dr James Rose
Professor Marcia Langton


Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

Research Outputs

Indigenous Data Network National Survey: Indigenous Controlled Research Organisations - Final Report

ARDC Data and Services Summit Presentation of the Project Outcomes