Digitisation and Indigenous Communities: A study of the development of online Collections. The interface between international institutions and Australian Indigenous communities

Project Details

The preservation and protection of Australian Indigenous knowledge in the digital age is in the National interest. This research may offer much valued insight into the ways in which Indigenous people are engaging in the protection of traditional knowledge in Australia in the digital age. At the international level has seen the start of development at the World Intellectual Property Organisation into the International legal mechanisms concerning the protection of traditional knowledge and the intellectual property aspects of access to and benefit-sharing from such knowledge. This study will explore these important developments which are in Australia's national interest.


Lyndon Ormond-Parker (Indigenous Studies Unit & Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation (SHAPS))

Professor Marcia Langton


Professor Robyn Sloggett (Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation)


ARC Discovery Indigenous Researchers Development Scheme - not current

Research Outcomes

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