Marcia Langton on Black Lives Matter: Byron Writers Festival 2020 Thea Astley Address

‘It seems that every generation needs to be told why Black Lives Matter. Here we are again.’

In the 2020 Thea Astley Address at the Byron Writers Festival, Professor Marcia Langton AO explored how Black Lives Matter in Australia, through history, in the present and for our future.

Professor Langton discussed the death of Mulrunji, or Cameron Doomadgee, in custody on Palm Island in 2004, and the subsequent failure of the police and the criminal justice system to deliver justice for the deceased and his family, along with many similar cases throughout Australia's history.

"Australians like myself expect to see the principle of Black Lives Matter implemented as soon as possible and the deaths prevented," Professor Langton said. "Should we accommodate the tactics of governments who delay the implementation of these recommendations? I say no."

Listen to the full address on Soundcloud or read the transcript on The Conversation.