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Project videos

Healing the past by nurturing the future video (13 minutes)

Meet members of the project team discussing the importance of healing from childhood hurt during pregnancy, birth and the first two years after birth. Watch now [external link]

Other related videos

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime (16 minutes)

Watch paediatrician Dr Nadine Burke Harris asking for pediatric medicine to confront the prevention and treatment of trauma.
Watch now [external link]

Trauma and the brain (9 minutes)

Learn more about the effect of trauma on a child’s brain.
Watch now [external link]

Commonalities in Therapeutic Approaches in Borderline Personality Disorder (21 minutes)

Hear Dr Jackie Amos from Flinders University discuss the P-PACT program she uses with mothers and infants.
Watch now [external link]

The Value of Deep Listening - The Aboriginal Gift to the Nation (16 minutes)

Watch now [external link}

SNAICC Conference 2013 Day 3 - Closing Plenary - Keynote: Professor Judy Atkinson (47 minutes)

Watch now [external link]

Aboriginal children and the effects of intergenerational trauma - MHPN and Emerging Minds Webinar (76 minutes)

Watch now [external link]