Webinar: Unpack the art + ethics + science of the machine

Ever considered how technology might promote discrimination or impair our ability to make shrewd decisions? Or wondered how an AI doctor might diagnose illness just through listening?

These, and a host of other questions, were considered as part of the latest interdisciplinary forum in our ongoing series, as we engaged with a pressing concern of our time – the theme of ‘machine.’

Today, as we experience rapidly expanding developments in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, data and algorithms are increasingly impacting our daily lives. From simulating human intelligence to collecting our personal data, the machine of the computer system engages us as individuals, communities and societies — both as creators and as consumers.

Presenting a diverse program of speakers from a range of disciplines over three days, MACHINE explored a series of timely themes – investigating the interface between humanity and machine across fields of research including digital ethics, data analytics, creative writing, visual art and mathematics.

As with all forums in this series, MACHINE featured a range of our academic colleagues from the University of Melbourne, proposing art-making as a form of knowledge creation alongside other academic fields of inquiry.

Find out more and view the recorded sessions on the Ian Potter Museum website.