Bondi Labs

Seeking Indigenous actors, models + community members

What are we doing?
We are trying to improve healthcare in rural Indigenous communities with virtual training scenarios. Think flight simulators, but for Aboriginal Health Practitioners and nurses!

Urban health professionals rarely see some of the medical conditions present in rural communities. By presenting these diseases or issues on a virtual patient the health workers can familiarise themselves with the problems and learn how to
treat them without the fear of failure. Ultimately the treatment of these issues should be second nature for the worker. Then they can focus on being respectful of the unique community they are working with, instead of doing the job correctly.

What do we need from you?
We need a cast of people who are willing to have a digital version of themselves play the role of the patient. Are you willing to have a digital version of yourself infected with tuberculosis or diagnosed with trachoma? All we need is to spin you on our camera rig and take a bunch of photos while you stand still. We’ll take those photos and turn them into a 3D digital version of you.

Date: 16/01/2017- 29/01/2017 (correct date)


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