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Milpa's Six Step Resources- Order below!

In collaboration with our partners, we have developed the ‘Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs’ suite of resources. These resources aim to encourage everyone, particularly kids, to stay healthy and strong and eliminate trachoma and other infectious diseases through following Milpa’s Six Steps to Stop Germs.

  • Blow nose until empty
  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Wash face to clean snot and yucky eyes
  • Brush teeth with toothpaste morning and night
  • Have a shower with soap every day
  • Don’t share towels

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  • The Trachoma Story Kit

    Trachoma Story Kit comes with:

    • The ‘Trachoma is Everyone’s Business’ School, Community & Clinic Flipchart
    • The ‘Trachoma Resource Book’
    • Trachoma Health Education for Primary School Children: Teacher Book & Lesson Plans, Student Workbook & Children's Chatterbox
    • Guidelines for the public health management of trachoma in Australia
    • Correcting 10 Myths about Eliminating Trachoma
    • World Health Organization Trachoma Grading Card
    • Resource Information Flyer
    • 6 Step, SAFE Strategy & Three T’s for Trichiasis Cards
    • Trachoma ‘Germ’ Story & Milpa the Goanna Face Washing Posters
    • ‘Clean Faces, Strong Eyes’ Milpa the Goanna Temporary Tattoos, Stickers, USBs & DVD Loop
    • Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Trachoma & Other Infections Hygiene Card (A5)
    • Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Germs Sticker (Cloth Towel)
    • Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Germs Sticker (Paper Towel)

    2017 TSK content image

    - Quantity

  • Milpa's Six Steps & other print resources (Posters and Cards)

    Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Germs Card

    - Quantity

    Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Trachoma & Other Infections Hygiene Card (A5)

    milpas six steps to stop trachoma two sided card

    - Quantity

    Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Germs Portrait Poster with Cough/Sneeze Message (A4)

    6 Step poster including cough in to elbow image

    - Quantity

    The SAFE Strategy to Eliminate Trachoma Card (A5)

    2017 SAFE card

    - Quantity

    Three T's for Trichiasis Card (A5)

    2017 3 Ts

    - Quantity

    Milpa Face Washing Poster (A4)

    2017 milpa face washing

    - Quantity

    Trachoma Story Germ Poster (A4)

    2017 trachoma germ story poster

    - Quantity

    Trachoma Story Poster (A4)

    2017 story poster

    - Quantity

    Clinic Poster (A3)

    2017 clinic poster

    - Quantity

  • Stickers

    Cough and Sneeze into Elbow Sticker

    sticker artwork for coughing into elbow

    - Quantity

    Milpa's Six Steps to Stop Germs Sticker

    sample of 6 step stickers

    - Quantity

    - Quantity

    Roll of Milpa Stickers (x50 per roll)

    2017 Stickers

    - Quantity
    Stickers come in Rolls of 50

    Milpa Decal Sticker (individual stickers)

    2017 Decal Sticker

    - Quantity
    Individual stickers

  • Multimedia Resources (DVD)

    Trachoma Resources DVD

    2017 resources dvd

    - Quantity

  • Promotional Materials (Tattoos/Wristbands)

    Milpa the Goanna Temporary Tattoos (x50 per bundle)

    2017 tattoos

    - Quantity

    Wristbands (x100 per bag)

    2017 wristbands

    - Quantity

  • Educational Resources (Booklets)

    Craft Booklets

    2017 Craft booklets

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