About the Artwork

In December 2021, Indigenous creative agency, Little Rocket, was engaged to assist us in sharing the outcomes of the evaluation project. Bangerang/Wiradjuri artists, Casey Atkinson and Matty Atkinson, were commissioned to develop an artwork, and Little Rocket have based their graphic design around the key elements of Casey and Matty's wonderful piece of art, which presents the key themes that came out of the evaluation:

6 icons depicting artwork elements

About the artists: Casey Atkinson (Bangerang/Wiradjuri) and Matty Atkinson (Bangerang/Wiradjuri) are brothers from Shepparton. They take great pride in the works they create and are dedicated to helping achieve positive outcomes for their people and the community. Casey and Matty’s artistic talents come from a line of amazing artists on both sides of their Atkinson and Bamblett families.

Their styles incorporate both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art and is quite intricate and detailed. They enjoy working across various mediums including acrylic paint on canvas, spray paint, epoxy resin, woodwork, wood burning and also digital media. This collaboration for Indigenous Eye Health was the first time that they have worked together in what was an incredibly rewarding and invigorating opportunity.

Casey and Matty describe the artwork they created

The eye symbolises not only the Indigenous eye health organisation along with its goals and objectives, but also the perspectives of individuals within the wide array of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across our beautiful nation. The patterns bordering the eyes show the existing connections between communities and Indigenous eye health. With all stakeholders meeting in the middle (the pupil) to achieve positive outcomes. 

The outer borders represent the broader community and society as a whole. The symbols in each community circle represent the areas in eye

health that we are aiming to strengthen across all of our communities. The Goanna footprints are representative of Indigenous eye health’s on-going journey to help heal our communities, specifically in relation to Trachoma.

The artwork by Casey and Matty is used in the Evaluation Summary Report

summary report 2022