The gap for vision is closing

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Refractive error, diabetic retinopathy, cataract and trachoma, account for 94 per cent of vision loss in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults, yet all these conditions can be readily treated or prevented and vision loss is often restored with timely access to services.

The National Eye Health Survey, 2016, found that lower levels of available eye care, particularly in rural and remote areas where a shortage of health service providers exists, is a major contributor to poorer eye health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people . Yet, barriers to access and utilisation can be overcome through improvements in coordination of the eye care pathway. A previous Partyline article focused on health promotion initiatives around trachoma and diabetic eye disease. This article discusses coordination of the eye care pathway for refractive error and cataract surgery...

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Partyline, Magazine of the National Rural Health Alliance

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Rosamond Gilden and Mitchell Anjou