‘Share Your Story’ publication showcases efforts to Close the Gap for Vision

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Today, Thursday 18 March, is National Close the Gap Day.

National Close the Gap Day is an important day and provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our work and the work of the sector in improving eye health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities in the efforts to close the gap for vision.

IEH recently compiled the current stories from the ‘Share your Story’ initiative that was launched in October 2019 to showcase ‘Success Stories’ and ‘Personal Reflections’ from people working in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health sector.

The incredible achievements, leadership and shared commitment is showcased through a series of empowering ‘success stories’ and ‘personal reflections’ from across Australia that explore:

  • Eye stakeholder collaborations
  • Community engagement approaches and initiatives
  • Workforce development
  • Challenges in coordination and case management
  • Improving outcomes and access to services
  • Health system changes and patient journey experiences

The strengths-based approaches and community-led activities highlighted in the ‘Share Your Story’ initiative provide us all with an opportunity to learn of and from experiences of others.

We acknowledge and wholeheartedly thank the many contributors who generously provided their ‘success stories’ and ‘personal reflections’ in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health.

The message delivered from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in 2020 is loud and clear:

"Value our cultures. Engage our leadership. Share the power and let us lead decisions about matters that affect us. We will not fail. This is the legacy that will live on through our children" - 2021 Close the Gap Report

The power of the collective voice and shared efforts to advance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health and achieve equity in eye care is important.

If you, your organisation, regional eye stakeholder group or another collaboration are interested in sharing your story in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander eye health, visit the IEH website or email us at Indigenous-eyehealth@unimelb.edu.au for more information.

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