Adapting the Resources


Adapting the Resources

Indigenous Eye Health (IEH) encourage local community adaptations of the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ messages, images and illustrations to raise awareness of diabetes eye care amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

When developing the ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ poster series, the design was considered to allow local/regional adaptations. Photos of community heroes or champions from regions can be replaced within the poster templates with a personal quote to support the diabetes eye care message. The power of local control and ownership has been evidenced and related to impact on behavioural change.

IEH can provide support to regions engaged under the guidance of Roadmap to Close the Gap for Vision to adapt the existing national ‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ (CTST) diabetes eye care poster series to meet local needs.

How does it work? – Step by Step:

  1. Region ‘opts-in’ or is looking for support to adapt posters
  2. Region identifies if there is available funding to support adaptation, in first instance (approx. costs below)
  3. Region identifies community heroes to support the CTST message (Example of community hero: a person with diabetes and/or have vision loss from diabetes, have experience of people with diabetes or be an important community leader in the region)
  4. Region takes photos of community heroes (see suggested shot list)
  5. Region looks for suitable quotes from community heroes in response to prompt questions (see questions)
  6. IEH to insert photos, supporting quotes, names of community heroes, and logos in to poster templates. All involved to approve posters for print
  7. Region decides final quantities and sizes for print
  8. IEH organise print and delivery of posters to region to support health promotion activities
  9. IEH provide all final digital files to region to use and promote further through their communication channels

Things to consider:

  • Ensure there is suitable lighting
  • Check clarity of photos as you go
  • Ensure the individuals being photographed are clear on how their photos may be used in the posters
  • Complete IEH Media Consent Forms for all individuals being photographed. The adapted posters may be used by IEH to promote on FB/Twitter and other IEH related communications (refer to media consent form for more information)
sample of adaptations posters


‘Check Today, See Tomorrow’ templates are available for organisations to adapt and use with images and messages from local community ‘heroes’ or champions.

  • Banner: add your community 'hero' photo. Banner size: 850mm wide
  • Hero Poster: add your community ‘hero’ photo. Poster sizes: A2, A3, A4, A5
  • Standard Poster: add 3 of your community photos. Poster sizes: A2, A3, A4, A5

Cost estimates: 1 x pull-up banner Approx $350. Set of 4 posters, A2 size x 20 each (or a variation of this to the nominated value). Approx $500

Shot list requirements:

1. ‘Eye Check’ shots (retinal camera + visual acuity)
Visual acuity check (photo demonstrating community hero covering one eye at a time)
Retinal camera shot (AHW conducting eye check with community hero)

2. ‘Eye’ shots
Close up of eye (right eye and left eye - male and female eyes). Try and get a slight ’smile’ in the eye.
As it is quite close up, make sure it’s in focus!

3. ‘Hero’ Shot (of community ‘heroes’)
Photo of community heroes in suitable locations – looking into camera (location details: possibly against background with cultural elements/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag/significant place in region/standing strong etc)

Quotes from community heroes for posters – capture responses to the following questions (or similar).
This can be done as part of a diabetes group, morning tea etc
1. Why is a YEARLY eye check for people with diabetes so important?
2. What does your eyesight mean to you?
3. How would losing your sight affect you?

sample of photo types