Selected media

Engaging with the media is an important part of our research activity. We write opinion pieces, are often cited as experts and appear on radio and podcasts.

Below is a selection of our media writing and radio work in the last year:

Selected Media Stories

Housing (un)affordability: Is social housing a moral imperative? (interview)
Segregating the disabled is unacceptable
Teenagers who are both bully and victim are more likely to have suicidal thoughts
What's the verdict on Labour's Health Summit?
Disabling Ableism: How rethinking disability could improve lives (Podcast)
Why it might be time to reconsider the money spent on genetics research
Suicide in Health Professionals (interview)
The gender pay gap is harming women's health
Dangerous love: death and violence on Australian visas (interview)
Temporary migrants in violent family situations denied welfare lifeline,
Emerging voices: family, violence in immigrant and refugee communities
The Multicultural Centre for Women's Health and the ASPIRE Project (interview)
Removal of ‘double dipping’ from parental leave may impact mothers’ health
Housing: the hidden health intervention
Why 100 years without slum housing in Australia is coming to an end
Smart cities wouldn't let housing costs drive the worse-off into deeper disadvantage
Unemployed and at risk: More help needed for those out of work
Why society is making people with disabilities sick
Violence against people with disability matters
You call that affordable? How our thinking on housing has become skewed
'Slappers and Stickers'; the hidden victims of rising house prices
Politics of the pill: why we don't have better contraceptives
Men under 44 in blue collar jobs at highest risk of suicide (interview)