Stewarding Thin Markets

Improving public sector market effectiveness

Thin markets, where there are a low number of buyers or low number of sellers, are a major risk for governments utilising a personalised approach to service delivery. This project aims to develop methodologies to identify thin markets in the public service sector.

This project will focus on Canberra, North East Melbourne and Toowoomba as case study areas. Using functional network analysis tools, we will develop new methodologies for identifying thin markets and determine ways emerging markets can be stewarded to better achieve their aims to ultimately ensure that there is equal access to disability services in the NDIS.

Research Team

A/Professor Gemma Carey, University of New South Wales
A/Professor Helen Dickinson, University of New South Wales
Professor David Gilchrist, University of Western Australia
Dr Damon Alexander, Swinburne University
Professor Anne Kavanagh, University of Melbourne
Professor Satish Chand, University of New South Wales
and Partners: Department of Social Services and National Disability Services


The Issue of Equity, Gemma Carey


Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, 2018 – 2021



Professor Anne Kavanagh


The Measurement and Monitoring Research Program is funded through grants and research contracts provided by a variety of sources, including Australian Research Council, Victorian State Government departments and internal University funding.


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Stewarding Thin Markets

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