Mental Health and Suicide Prevention among Australian Men

This four year study aims to understand how mental health problems and suicide can be reduced among Australian men. The program of work specifically focuses on employment contexts as being influential on male health, and will produce advice that can feed into workplace prevention programs and mental health service delivery. This program of work seeks to identify how men's health seeking behaviour (eg. the use of primary health care and mental health services) influence their mental health outcomes. The intention is to identify health system interventions that best address the needs of men with mental health problems.

We are working with a range of Australian databases including Ten to Men - a cohort study of about 15,000 men aged 10-55 years at baseline, and the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) data.

Research Lead

Dr Allison Milner, Senior Research Fellow


Victorian Government Health and Medical Research Fellowship | Department of Health and Human Services 2017

Program Director

Dr Allison Milner


The program of work on Mental Health is funded through grants including an National Health and Medical Research Council Partnership Grant, a National Health and Medical Research Council Fellowship and a Victorian State Government Science and Medical Research Fellowship.


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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention among Australian men

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