Improving Disability Employment Outcomes


This project aims to address the unmet need for an evidence-base on strategies to enable people with disability to gain sustainable and meaningful employment; that they are encouraged to engage in gainful employment, and that they are not ousted from the labour market too easily and too early. It is anticipated that the project will identify how the characteristics of employment services, jobseekers, and workplaces affect employment outcomes.

The research findings will enable partner organisations to contribute to policy development and service sector reform in relation to delivery of effective employment service models for people with disability, as well as inform employers regarding barriers to employment and recommendations to overcome these.

Research Team

Professor Anne Kavanagh, University of Melbourne
Dr Allison Milner, University of Melbourne
Professor Anthony LaMontagne, Deakin University
Dr Cathy Vaughan, University of Melbourne
A/Professor Rebecca Bentley, University of Melbourne
A/Professor Helen Dickinson, University of New South Wales

Stefanie Dimov, Project Coordinator


Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, 2017-2020

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