Discrimination and Bullying against Australians with Disability


This project describes the extent of bullying and discrimination experienced by Australians with disability, and the impact on their social and economic participation, as well as their health and wellbeing. The project is a collaboration with the Attitude Foundation  whose focus is to relieve discrimination experienced by Australians with disability and shape a new understanding of disability.

Research Team

Professor Anne Kavanagh, University of Melbourne
Ms Zoe Aitken, University of Melbourne
Dr Tania King, University of Melbourne
A/Professor Naomi Priest, Australian National University
Graeme Innes AM, Attitude Foundation
Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Sydney University


Disability Research Initiative at the University of Melbourne and the Attitude Foundation

Program Details


Professor Anne Kavanagh


The program of work on Disability and Disadvantage is funded through grants and research contracts provided by a variety of sources, including the Australian Research Council, National Health and Medical Research Council, Victorian State Government Health department and internal University funding.


Disability, social mobility and the well-being of people with disabilities

Discrimination and bullying against people with disabilities

Improving Disability Employment Outcomes (IDES)

Vision Impairment and Employment