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One in Five - a new Podcast from the Melbourne Disability Institute - launched today on the International Day of People with Disability, 3 December 2019.

One in Five explores some of the most complex issues facing people with disability today. In Australia, one in five people live with disability.

In this Podcast, we hear from people with disability, researchers and sector experts about how we can improve the lives of people with disability across the areas of employment, housing, consumer law, the criminal justice system and early intervention.

In the first episode on Employment and Disability,  we hear from academics within the Disability and Health Unit: Alex Devine, Stephanie Dimov and Allison Milner (1983-2019) who discuss their research on employment outcomes and transitions into the workplace for people with disability.

Zoe Aitken features on Episode 3: Housing and Disability where she discusses her findings into housing inequalities for people with disability, with a focus on social housing and the private rental market.

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