What is research?

It can be hard to explain what research is.

Research is exploring, finding out, learning, discovering, being curious and wondering.

Often, when we think of research, we imagine of numbers and confusing mathematics, but this is not always the case.

Research can investigate children and young people’s everyday lives. For example, research can explore how children and young people how they feel about home, school, and their community. Also, what helps them be healthy and happy.

Why do we do research with children and young people?  

  • Because they are the experts in their own lives.
  • Children and young people can teach us things that are important to help them, their families and communities be healthier and happier.
  • Children and young people also have creative ideas to make society more fair, just and resilient.
  • By sharing what we learn from and with kids, research can help create better services, programs, laws and policies.

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