Resources for researchers

The theory and evidence on the principles, applications and impact of rights-based and participatory has been growing exponentially over the past years.

There are also increasing numbers of resources for students and researchers.

With help from our colleagues, we gathered some of our favourite sources of learning, support and inspiration, and hope you find them useful and interesting as well.

  • Diving into the literature

    ERIC (Ethical Research Involving Children) contains innumerable resources and on ethical research with children and young people, many available in different languages, including:

    • A summary of the ERIC Philosophy.
    • The ERIC Charter (International Charter for Ethical Research Involving Children).
    • Ethical Guidance on four key areas: harms & benefits, privacy and confidentiality, informed consent and payment and compensation.
    • Case studies and real stories of ethical research with children and young people.
    • Reflexive Tool for researchers and stakeholders.
  • Learning to listen to children and young people

    The following resources are helpful for any student or researcher to reflect on how to address sensitive topics with children and young people.

  • Connecting with other researchers

    Kids in Action gathers researchers from across the world interested in collaborating with children and young people as co-researchers and co-designers. In their website, you can register for free and access reports and a list of useful readings and resources. The network meets quarterly online meetings are held quarterly, and once a year in person at the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research (ICPHR) Annual Working Meeting.

  • Interested in sharing?

    You can contribute with useful links and materials from your work. Please contact Kati Marinkovic If the materials are meant to be used for recruitment or data collection (e.g., templates for plain language statements and consent forms), they must have been approved by an Ethics Committee.

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