Young People's Climate Change Capitals

The Young People’s Climate Change Capitals (YPCCC) project aims to develop an engaging, strengths-based resource by and for children and young people, to assist in navigating the climate crisis.

Children and young people who are actively engaged/interested in climate change issues are invited to contact the researchers if interested in taking part in the workshops. The project seeks to involve participants aged between 12-25 with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, so the resources will be relevant to as many children and young people as possible.

Each participant will attend two 90 minute workshops (first in March/April, then in May/June) and will be reimbursed with a $25 gift voucher for each workshop. Timing and location will be arranged in discussion with potential participants.

There are also opportunities for children and young people to contribute without participating  in the workshops.

This process will result in a digital booklet that addresses the different strengths and resources that can help children and young people engage in climate action and adaptation in a way that is protective of their wellbeing.

The YPCCC project is an opportunity for children and young people to develop their skills, contribute to research, and connect with other children, young people, adults and organisations working to address issues of climate change.

The YPCCC project builds on the outputs and methods from previous projects that have produced strengths-based, holistic resources for disaster resilience (Recovery Capitals (ReCap)) and a recovery resource co-designed by young people affected by disasters (Youth Views).

If you or someone you know would be interested in participating, please email us at or

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