PhD Studies

Kate Brady

What supports recovery from emergency events (in high income, developed countries) from the perspective of people affected by emergencies. (2013-2017). Supervisors: Lisa Gibbs, Louise Harms. APA scholarship. (In progress)

Connie Kellett

Anger, and anger support, for individuals and communities affected by the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. (2011-2017). Supervisors: Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs. APAI scholarship through the Beyond Bushfires ARC Linkage Grant. (Submitted)

Lauren Kosta

Parenting after a disaster: Experiences since Black Saturday. (2013-2017) Supervisors: Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs, David Rose. STRAPA scholarship through the Melbourne Social Equity Institute. (Submitted)

Marius Lok

A Network Society: The study of the use of Information and Communication Technology in long-term disaster recovery. (2011-2015). Supervisors: Louise Harms, Lisa Gibbs. Faculty Research Scholarship and the IBES top-up scholarship. (Successful completion)

Gisela van Kessel

An exploration of the interventions perceived to influence the resilience of adult populations to the effects of natural disasters. (2011-2013). Professional Doctorate. School of Public Health, Flinders University, Supervisors: Colin MacDougall, Lisa Gibbs. (Successful completion)