Welcome - Professor Kathryn Bowen, new Professor, One Health & Deputy Director, Climate Futures

Professor Kathryn Bowen is an international expert on the science and policy of sustainability (particularly climate change) and health issues. As an example of her expertise, she was nominated by the Australian government and appointed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to be Lead Author (Health chapter): IPCC, Working Group II, Sixth Assessment Report 2018-2022. Professor Bowen is also regularly commissioned by international bilateral and multilateral agencies (eg. WHO, UNEP, UNDP, ADB, GIZ, DFAT) to co-design solutions for sustainable futures. Her honorary position with MSPGH was recently converted into an appointment as Deputy Director, Melbourne Climate Futures from 19/4/21 and Professor, One Health in the Child and Community Wellbeing Unit, Centre for Health Equity from 1/7/21. Due to her dual roles, Kathryn will be co-located with the Law Faculty and MSPGH.

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