Synergy Grant success for Prof Anne Kavanagh (Lead CI)

Interventions for better life-time mental health outcomes for young Australians with disability

Anne Kavanagh from the Disability and Health Unit, Centre of Health Equity leads the grant with CI Zoe Aitken and AIs Cathy Vaughan, Georgina Sutherland, and Tania King from CHE and AI Tony Blakely from CEB. The team includes CIs and AIs from University of Sydney, UNSW Canberra, RMIT, Lancaster University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Children and Young People with Disability Australia. The Synergy grant is interdisciplinary program of research involving researchers with lived experience of disability. We will use a range of different methods including longitudinal quantitative analyses, life history methods, corpus-based text analyses to identify barriers and facilitators of key life transitions across education, work and family, at this critical life stage. From these analyses, we will identify potential interventions which we will test and/or model to identify the mental health impacts.

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