Professor Janet McCalman’s Disaster and Change Podcast

– Episode 1 - In the Midst of Death there is Life: Recovery from the Apocalypse

COVID-19 and the climate emergency are both consequences of our profligacy as a species.  They are not causally related, but they are manifestations of the same environmental crisis where our footprint on the biosphere threatens life as we have come to know it.  Much of the harm of this disaster stems from the inadequacy of institutions and the gross inequality, not only around the world but within the richest nations.  However, humanity has faced extreme disaster before and we can gain confidence from our capacity to recover.  Within living memory, the recovery from the catastrophic destruction of the Second World War offers us a model and a way forward. All that stands between us and disaster is good government, and post-war reconstruction, above all in Australia, was good government.  The future is in our own hands if we can engage with the politics, assert democratic values, and work together.  More

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