MRFF Success - Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Indigenous Mothers and Babies

Congratulations to Professor Cath Chamberlain, Professor Marcia Langton, Associate Professor Shawana Andrews, Ms Debra Bowman, Dr Elise Davis, Dr Kim Jones, Dr Renee Fiolet, Dr Leo Kamitsis, Dr Tess Bright, Dr Kristen Smith, Dr Vanessa Russ. They, along with a large team of investigators from other universities and organisations, have received a MRFF grant for their project Replanting the Birthing Trees to Support First Nations Parents and Babies. This First Nations-led project aims to transform intergenerational cycles of trauma to support parents in achieving their hopes, and dreams for a happy, safe and healthy family.   This project, complements two other MRFF projects that were funded to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents during the perinatal period.  Collectively, these projects will have a profound impact on services supporting the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies and parents.
Amount Awarded: $5 million (Administered by the University of Melbourne)