Disability and Disaster Resilience | DARU Annual Forum

The 2020 DARU annual forum on 27 August is themed "Disability and Disaster Resilience".

Professor Anne Kavanagh is speaking about a coordinated response to disasters referencing national frameworks, such as The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework 2018 and The Australian Disaster Preparedness Framework 2018, that have been previously tested and found wanting.

People with disability require governments – and other partners in emergency preparedness, response and recovery – to do better. In this presentation, she will measure the protections outlined in the policy frameworks against the experience  of people with disability, particularly during COVID-19, and provide pointers to where the shortfalls might lie.

And what about the NDIA? How effective has it been as the ‘go to’ agency for people with disability in crisis? How have those people who are disproportionately disadvantaged fared, such as people with complex communication needs, live remotely or are illiterate?

Full program and list of speakers here: https://events.humanitix.com/disability-and-disaster-resilience-forum

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