Dangerous Fictions: Can We Stomach the Truth About Racism?

As part of the 2020 Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Professor Marcia Langton AM will present 'Dangerous Fictions: Can We Stomach the Truth About Racism?'

'No one has a monopoly on truth when it comes to the past and present lives of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. Conservatives tend to deny that Indigenous peoples should have special status in the Constitution. Progressives tend to turn a blind eye to the profound dysfunction that plagues so many Indigenous communities – and refuse to accept that Indigenous people want and deserve all of the benefits of the modern world. Marcia Langton is a fearless truth-teller who challenges the dangerous orthodoxies of a society that seems incapable of making peace with the truth of its own past.'

This online conversation will be presented on Thursday 10th September at 7pm. Find out more and register for the livestream at the Festival of Dangerous ideas website.