National Close the Gap Day 2022

A joint Statement from ONEMDA

17 March 2022 marks National Close the Gap Day.

At ONEMDA, where we bring together the Indigenous Health Equity Unit, the Indigenous Studies Unit and the Indigenous Eye Health Unit, we are committed to contributing to Close the Gap together with communities.

In 1788, the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and children was generally better than Europeans, but colonization has caused a lot of harm.  At Onemda, we want to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enjoy long healthy happy lives, once again, in this abundant land we share. Professor Cath Chamberlain, Professor of Indigenous Health

We are pleased that, finally, the most recent national agreement acknowledges that to Close the Gap, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must determine, drive and own the desired outcomes, alongside all governments.

We support the four priority reforms at the heart of the agreement: shared-decision making, supporting the community controlled sector, ensuring data sovereignty and allyship.

We call on all peoples and organisations working to achieving the Close the Gap targets to remember it is not just about achieving targets, it’s about changing the way we work together with communities.

Close the Gap Day is a special day to mark the progress being made to achieve equity in health and Close the Gap for Vision so we can put Aboriginal Vision in Aboriginal Hands. Professor Hugh Taylor, Director Indigenous Eye Health Unit

We are committed to building relationships based on deep respect for the resilience, traditions, heritage, knowledges and perspectives of the many nations and language groups that make up the world’s oldest living culture.

Close the Gap Campaign Report 2022